Bulldog Profile: Paige Magistrelli

Well-liked by her teachers and peers, sophomore Paige Magistrelli is a successful student, athlete and artist whose personality brightens the day of everyone around her.

“She’s bubbly and always smiling. Always greeted me in the hallways, always delightful and friendly,” said teacher Connie King.

Magistrelli is involved in cross country and soccer, and prides herself on being a good teammate.

“She’s an amazing teammate. She’s really helpful and always happy. She always brings other people up,” said teammate and best friend Ella Kilstrom.

Magistrelli is not only a supportive teammate, but also a excellent student. Taking primarily honors and AP classes, Magistrelli balances her many extracurriculars with rigorous courses.

“She was a very good student, very conscientious and didn’t hesitate to ask questions. She always participated in