We make them everyday

with insignificant consequences.

They guide our daily life

driven by our conscious efforts.

What to wear?

Who to hang out with?

Where to go?

How to utilize our time?

We do this everyday without regard

to its effect on those with whom we choose to surround ourselves.

We value their opinion.

We desire acceptance on some level.

We ask for their input.

But, in terms of pensive thoughts,

the choice is often an internal struggle.

We hide the signs of despair.

We withdraw from social aspirations.

We do not seek the help

which is so inherently needed.

But, do not think that others

Have Not…..Are Not…..Will Not

experience equal amounts of conflict.

The difference…..We Chose Differently

Make The Choice….Seek help!

Search until you find that one person to whom you relate.

Pour out your thoughts and feelings.

Find a passion in life.

Pursue a dream with fervor.

Do as many of us have…

Make an alternative choice.



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