Bulldog Profile: Dylan Welsh

Always exuding positive energy, Dylan Welsh never fails to brighten the day of students and teachers around him. The senior plans to continue his involvement with BHS over this next year.

Welsh brings his positive attitude to Key Club, NHS and the classroom.

“I enjoy participating in Key Club and NHS because they both have the same aspect of working with the community to make it better,” Welsh said.

Welsh has challenged himself over the past three years with difficult courses including Grammar Writing and AP European History. Despite the strenuous course load, Welsh holds a 3.96 GPA.

Welsh’s grade point is not the sole positive that he brings to the school. His vivacious attitude and lively encouragement has left an impact on his peers.

“He is very dedicated and funny. When everyone is nervous before a test, he calms everyone down with his jokes,” classmate Aiyana Bolar said.

Currently taking Spanish 5, Welsh has been a member of the Spanish department since his arrival freshmen year.

“He will listen to hours of Spanish music, watch hours of Spanish television and be excited to share what he learned,” Spanish teacher Cristina Zimmerman said.

Welsh plans to continue his education at a four year college and pursue a career in business and Spanish.


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