Team Spotlight: Boys Cross Country

Be positive, communicate, and work together. The three facets of cross country coach Dave Terronez’s leadership are followed by team members and are studied by fellow coaches.

The leadership of Coach Terronez has led to an improved culture on the Bettendorf cross country team in the 2018 season.

“Throughout this year, our team has thrived on a positive culture in which teammates work together. That culture is not an accident, but a result of years of work,” captain Tyger Callahan said.

The strong culture has resulted in the Bulldogs securing early season victories in Iowa City, North Scott and Rock Island.

“We have a solid core varsity that will make a strong push at state and a great young core that will carry on the success of the seniors,” team member Trey Miller said.

That solid core is made up by varsity runners James Baker, Brendan Scott, Kyler Castro, Nick Moore, Jonny Swarm, and Ian Silva.

Captain James Baker has had an impressive showing to start the 2018 season, placing first at the Lancer Invite, second in Iowa City, and second in Geneseo.

“It is rare to have a teammate with great running ability and great leadership ability. JR has both of those,” teammate Ian Silva said.

Led by Baker, the goal of the 2018 cross country team is to place well at conferences and make a run at the state meet.

“We have not made it to state over the past couple years. Without a doubt, we look forward to having the opportunity to make it to state this year,” team member Owen Schmidt said.

The team is currently on pace to make it to the state meet. Whether they make it or not will be determined at the district meet on Oct.18 at Crow Creek.


Favorite cross country memories.

"In seventh grade, I beat Tyger Callahan, the clear favorite of the race, at a Geneseo golf course. Some words were exchanged that created the bitter rivalry that we still have today," - Patrick Markovich

"My favorite cross country memory is when Brendo (Brendan Scott) and Jonny (Jonny Swarm) both threw up after the chocolate milk mile," - Layton Pribyl

"I love it when coach brings freezer pops to practice. It is honestly what I run for," - Trey Miller

What cross country means to you.

"For me, cross country is all about having the ability to run with your friends every day. It is a very unique sport due to it's ability to create relationships with new people," - Parker Beck

"Cross country is persevering through hardships and your body telling you to stop but you just have to keep going. I enjoy the daily hustle that XC gives you," - Trey Miller

"Cross country is a good way to stay in shape and it is a fun sport because you make it as competitive as you would like," - Patrick Markovich

Team member that you would want your daughter to date.

"Without a doubt in my mind, Walter Blackman is my pick here," - Trey Miller

"I have got to go with Finley Bagby. He is a super good guy and a hard worker," - Parker Beck

"Luke Wiley. He is a funny guy that everyone enjoys being around," - Layton Pribyl

Also, find out which boys cross country member would carry you out of a burning building.

Take the quiz here!


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