Bulldog Profile: Aidan Goerdt

An enthusiastic and caring student, Aidan Goerdt holds himself to a high standard in the classroom, on the track, and in the pool. The sophomore class president leads by example through his kindness, good will, and following of PRIDE.

“To me, PRIDE means trying to be someone that other people will be proud to know,” Goerdt said.

Following his freshman year, Goerdt is looking forward to the challenges that the 2018-2019 school year will produce.

“I think this will be a very good year for growth, at least personally. I am set up well to deal with the challenges of the coming year” Goerdt said.

One of those challenges proved to be the loss of an adviser and the loss of class time for student council. Goerdt has helped to fill the void in student council by taking on a leadership role and working hard on his committees.

“Student Council this year will be a challenge, but like most challenges, they make you better,” Goerdt said.

When Goerdt is not working with student council, he is running for cross country or track, swimming for the high school team, and speaking on behalf of FCA and RSVP.

“Aidan is a fantastic runner that everyone enjoys being around. I am very lucky to have him as my teammate. He makes everyone around him better,” cross country teammate Ian Silva said.

In school, Goerdt enjoys sparking student discussion and fostering friendships with the people around him.

Honors Chemistry teacher, Jacob Koepnick, describes Goerdt as an inquisitive student.

“Aidan always asks further and more probing questions that go beyond the course work,” Koepnick said.

A classmate of Goerdt can attest to the positives that he brings to the classroom.

“Aidan always goes above and beyond in everything he does. He does extra for his student council committee and tries to help out in any way he can.” classmate Ryan Harris said.

Only a sophomore, Goerdt has a lot of time to build on his previous successes and to make a difference in the community.


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