Bulldog Profile: Sydney Stout

Defined by her peers as positive and energetic, sophomore Sydney Stout brings an always ready-to-learn attitude to the classroom and the tennis court. Stout has challenged herself in the classroom through stacking her workload with difficult courses, such as Honors English and Honors Biology.

“I push myself really hard in classes to make sure I get everything done” Stout said.

Spanish teacher Adam Hopkins saw the academic success of Stout when teaching Spanish II.

Hopkins said, “Sydney is a very hardworking and smart individual, who used PRIDE wisely to ask questions or make up assignments,” and that she worked well with others.

As an example of her excellence, Hopkins recalled that she would miss class for tennis, but would always be prepared to make up her work, asking questions about what she missed.

Aside from her success in the classroom, Stout has also achieved excellence in her extracurriculars. She is an accomplished tennis player, making the varsity team her freshman year.

“I’ve been playing tennis my whole life, pretty much since I could hold a racket.” said Stout, who plays about three times a week when not in season.

“Sydney is super encouraging and supportive. She always has a great attitude, and I can really tell that she loves to play,” said teammate Lydiah Kennedy. “She always has a smile on her face and brightens everyone’s day.”

Stout said that as she continues high school, she wants to get good grades and is looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

Stout playing tennis for Bettendorf


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