Bridging the GAPP between Germany and America

The German exchange students have arrived Sept. 13, just a few days before Homecoming week starts.

The exchange students have never had a homecoming, nor have they experienced a school football game or school dance.

“Schools in Germany don’t have homecoming so it’s definitely a new experience. We are doing everything we can to make it special for them,” Isabell Carranza said.

“I think that they might be a little overwhelmed at first with the idea of homecoming, but I think that after we get to the day we’ll all have a blast,” Katerina Shinbori said.

When a school in Germany does have a dance, it’s their graduation ball. Students learn the waltz, foxtrot, polka, and other dances to perform in front of parents and staff.

“I think they will be surprised at how none of us know how to dance,” Carranza said.

For some of the German students not knowing how to dance was not the biggest problem. As three exchange students didn’t have an American partner, so they had to be paired up with a host family they haven’t met yet.

“I think that the people who are just now getting partners will fit it really well and will hopefully love their partner and all of the rest of them as much as we all do,” Shinbori said.

There are 18 German students coming to stay in America.

“The GAPP kids are super exciting and they all are so kind and sweet, and we can’t wait to see them again. We hope they will have an amazing time and make great memories,” Carranza said.

The foreign-exchange students will be here until Sept. 30.

GAPP students, Luke Gaydos and Isabell Carranza, prepare for the German students arrival by painting banners and welcome signs.


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