AP exams to begin this week

College Board Advanced Placement

As the end of the school year draws closer, many students are busy preparing for Advanced Placement (AP) exams beginning in early May.

The majority of students first take an AP class that prepares them for the AP exam. There are a wide range of AP classes a student can choose from at Bettendorf, ranging from AP Music Theory to AP Statistics.

“You can choose what AP classes you take at Bettendorf based on what you’re interested in, so it makes the class a lot more captivating,” senior Kiara Burmeister said.

Although students are busy with other activities and classes, they still find time to prepare for the exam.

“It can be hard to study for the exams with a busy schedule, but usually before going to bed, I try to study a little bit. I use the AP review books and do practice questions online,” junior Mizuki Wittmer said.

Max Herrmann, who has already taken four AP exams, is taking the AP Calculus, AP Psychology, AP Spanish and AP English in May.

“My advice to people taking the exams for the first time is to not cram for your test, it’s not a good tactic,” Hermann said.

AP classes tend to challenge students more than normal classes do.

“AP classes are definitely more beneficial than regular classes. Teachers have to prepare you for the exam by teaching certain curriculum, so it’s more vigorous,” senior Morgan Hoffman said.

Lance De Lacy, who has already taken three AP exams, encourages everyone to take an AP class.

“If you’re interested in taking an AP class for the first time, I would say go for it. It’s a really good experience,” De Lacy said.


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