Student Spotlight: Zander Eckermann

If you’ve spend time in the choir room, or the weight room, you may have met sophomore Zander Eckermann. Eckermann is involved in choir, band, musical pit, Chamber Choir, Audio Intensity, and sports medicine.

“Sports medicine is one of the happiest times of my day. It’s great to get to know the athletes and learning new things about the body and medicine. Show choir is also one of my favorite things. A lot of students told me to join, and I caved into the pressure. This year has been so much fun, and I’ve made new friendships,” Eckermann said.

Eckermann was the soloist in Audio Intensity’s closer, REO Speedwagon’s “Ridin’ the Storm Out”. At Marion Masquerade, Eckermann was awarded Best Male Soloist in the prep division.

“When they first called my name I was really confused because I thought we had moved onto the Unisex division of awards. I got up on stage and was amazed. I thought I wasn’t going to get it, but I was just so proud,” Eckermann said.

In school, Eckermann enjoys social studies, English, and music classes.

“I like social studies because I think history is really interesting. It’s cool to learn about how everything happened, why it happened, and how it is affecting the present. I’m also pretty good at English, and there’s so many things you can do with it,” Eckermann said.

Even as an underclassman, Eckermann has already started thinking about his future.

“I want to go into medicine, but unsure if I want to pursue athletic training or being a doctor,” Eckermann said.

He is looking into the University of Northern Iowa or University of Cambridge.

“Cambridge is kind of a far shot but I love the queen,” Eckermann said. “I look up to her because of the charities she gets involved in and how actively involved she is with her people. She gives a different perspective than our politicians and is a bit more human.”


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