Key Club 'unlocks' community volunteerism

Every Thursday at 3:20, a group of teenagers gather in room D-314.

For the service organization, Key Club. The club is sponsored by science teacher Jennifer Johnston. Member and Treasurer Katie Cornwell explains what the club offers.

“You definitely get lots of opportunities with service hours, and a chance to get a Community Service Letter. There’s a lot fun activities, like during Halloween we get to go to Gilda’s Club, dress up and hang out with the kids," Cornwell said.

Gilda’s Club is an organization in Davenport that offers support to families that have been affected by cancer.

Cornwell said that Key Club extends beyond just a high school club.

“It has to do with Kiwanis,which is a bigger organization. Key Club is the high school section of it. So you can keep on volunteering beyond high school if you want,” Cornwell said.

Although Key Club presents students with many opportunities, Cornwell

describes a relaxed atmosphere, as well as excitement at the idea of any new members.

“I would say do it, and we’re a pretty laid back, light hearted club. We understand if it’s hard to come every week or anything like that. You meet new people, get t-shirts, eat candy,” she said.

Cornwell recalls one of her memories from being a part of Key Club.

“I was face painting last year for Gilda’s Club, and we only had three colors.

This kid asked me to paint wooden spikes on his chin. I didn’t know how to really do that with the colors I had, but I tried and he seemed to like it so it turned out okay,” she said.

She reveals that she is thankful that there is such a club, referring to all of the opportunities she would have missed if she never joined.

“If I didn't have an outlet like Key Club, I would say it’s way harder. In the club opportunities are given right to you and you don’t have to really worry about the research,” Cornwell said.

If she were to describe Key Club in one word, it would be “fun.”

“Fun, I really like the food and activities and people, so fun,” she said.


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