"Seussical Jr." debuts over weekend

“Seussical Jr.” made its debut on Feb. 17 and will have additional performances on Feb. 18, Feb. 24, and Feb. 25 at 1 p.m. or 4 p.m at Davenport Junior Theatre. It is $6 for children 18 years old and younger and $8 for adults.

Bettendorf High School produces both a fall play and a spring musical. Many students take advantage of these opportunities to get on stage and perform for a large audience. However, there are a few students who choose to find other theatres to perform at. They either dedicated their childhood to learning the art of performing or they decided to try something new and got involved.

“I didn't really like the competitive aspect of sports, so I joined theatre because my sister was already a part of it. I joined some classes to try it out. I guess that you could say family inspired me to pursue it, and it just grew on me. It's always good to switch from high school theatre to DJT but there's always a special place at DJT. It taught me to be creative with my words and think creatively,” said sophomore Isaac Smith.

Davenport Junior Theatre has become a home for many and a place to express oneself in a judgment-free environment. The upcoming musical, “Seussical Jr.”, has sparked excitement in the actors as they prepare for their debut.

“I like the environment and all the people there. The positivity there is great too. As soon as you walk in there it's like a big ol’ hug,” said freshman Audrey Smith.

Since Davenport Junior Theatre is a children’s theatre, it equips children ages 4-18 with the necessary tools to grow in the art of theatre at a young age. It is never too late to join theatre even if one becomes too hesitant or nervous.

“When I first started I was scared and nervous but they took me in and made me feel better about performing in front of a crowd. Join theatre anyway. It is so much fun,” Rosebrough said.

The cast is very excited about this musical and hopes to bring in a large audience to watch all of the hard work they have put into creating this show.


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