The effects of the government shutdown: what it will mean for you

With congress unable to pass an appropriations bill, or a spending bill, here is what the government shut down will mean to you:

  • Non-essential government personnel

All non-essential federal employees will be sent home without pay. In 2013, 850,000 non-essential government personnel were furloughed.

  • Essential government personnel

Essential government personnel, or personnel that essential for national security or public safety will stay on the job, but without pay. This includes the military, law enforcement, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, and doctors who work for government agencies.

  • What will close

National Parks, government offices, visa and passport processing would halt, and mortgage application will be delayed because the IRS and Federal Housing Administration employees will be furloughed.

  • What will remain open

Social Security and Medicare checks will continue to be mailed out, the United States Postal Service will continue to operate, and federal courts will remain open and these government agencies are on a separate and independent revenue streams.


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