Last minute Snowball proposal ideas

With less than a week to the first Snowball dance, many students are struggling to find proposal ideas. In the effort to be original and creative, Pinterest is the go-to social media site for ideas.

For the candy-loving date: All you will need is any sheet of paper and a bag of watermelon Sour Patch Kids. On the paper, write, “(Name of date), you are one in a melon. I’d love to go to Snowball with you,” Your date will love this sweet treat.

For the funny pun-loving date: All you will need is a poster board and cut out letters. On the poster board, you can either lay the cut out letters, or write, “So excited to ask you to the dance… that I actually ‘P’d my pants! Snowball?”. With extra “P’s”, tape them to your pants to give the full effect. Your date is sure to laugh and go to the dance with you.

For the Frozen-loving date: All you will need for this idea is a poster board. On the poster board, write “You're worth melting for. Don’t leave me Frozen,” This sweet reference to the popular children’s movie will definitely melt his or her heart.


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