Bettendorf Growl Investigates: What does it take to determine school cancellations in low temperatur

With recent temperatures below zero and winds chills as low as -25, what does it take to cancel school in terms of dangerous temperatures?

Superintendent Mike Raso said this week was “borderline” in decisions to cancel school.

If there is a wind chill warning (rather than a wind chill advisory which was in effect for much of the week) is issued, schools will automatically have a delayed start or cancellation, Raso said, which agrees with a statement sent to parents on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

“If we have a wind chill warning (not advisory) that substantially impacts the start or

entire school day, we will call for a delay or cancellation of school,” the statement reads.

Raso also said they work in conjunction with area schools and the National Weather Service to determine the decision to cancel schools. If one district says they will stay open, but the others say they will close, ultimately all of the districts will cancel.

Raso said the districts also have to work with operations managers who run the buses. For districts like North Scott and Pleasant Valley, many rural students rely on busing, so if the buses cannot run that affects the decision making on a cancellation.

However, with the recent weather, Raso said school attendance has remained normal for this time of year.

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