Trends of 2017

Fidget spinners: They started off as a fidget tool to help people with stress, but ended up as a popular toy for teens.

Limited time Frappuccinos: Starbucks repeatedly released speciality themed frappuccinos in 2017. This year they released frappuccinos like the unicorn frappuccino, the zombie frappuccino, and the Christmas tree frappuccino.

Male rompers: In May a project called RompHim launched on Kickstarter to revolutionize men’s fashion. This campaign went viral across the internet leading to romper-related jokes.

Chokers: The 1990’s trend made a comeback this year among high school and college students.

Big T-shirt and Nike shorts: Enough said.

Edible cookie dough: The launch of the Cookie Dough Cafe and Cookie DO in NYC started the trend of edible cookie dough. The cookie dough is made with no eggs and extra flour which eliminates the risk of salmonella.

Dancing hotdog: This started out as a Snapchat filter, but ended up as a popular meme.


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