OPINION: How to cope with senioritis

We are approaching the middle of the school year which means finals are coming up, winter sports, and senioritis. Senioritis is defined as “a supposed affliction of a student in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation and performance.”

For many seniors, the lighter class load and decreased pressure of fitting in all the required credits takes off stress of actual school work but the increased boredom in class could cause one to drift off and not pay attention in the classes they do have. This quarter, I only have three classes and sometimes it does take longer to get into a school mindset when the first three blocks of my day are an off block, publications, and choir.

I have kept myself somewhat busy during my four years, getting involved with French club, show choir, concert choir, FCCLA, dance classes, newspaper, yearbook, and having a part time job for the last two years. Although I enjoy all of these activities, I have recently noticed my declining motivation and excitement for some of them.

I have found a few ways to cope with my crippling senioritis the past few weeks.

  1. Switch it up - I usually find a little more motivation and get less distracted doing homework if I go somewhere other than my house to do my homework or any other work I have like scholarship essays. The public library is a good option or one of the many coffee shops around town.

  2. Treat yourself - If I choose to study at a coffee shop or a place that sells food, I usually like to buy a small drink at the beginning of my study session and bring a granola bar or buy food in the middle of my session to take a break. Studying while hungry can make you even more unfocused and less motivated to do your work.

  3. Take time for yourself - After all your studying is done, you could be tempted to hang out with friends every night or go out, but it could be just as satisfying to stay home sometimes. Find a perfect Netflix show or movie to watch, pop some popcorn, take a nap, or listen to music and relax. It is important to take time for yourself during a stressful year.

  4. Stay healthy - It is easy to go off campus every day and give into unhealthy options for lunch. Consider bringing a home lunch or make something at home if you live close enough that would be better than fast food. Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep so you are active and ready to begin each day.


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