It’s a “Wonder” to see this movie


Be prepared with tissues while watching the heartbreaking and tear wrenching new drama movie “Wonder.”

“Wonder” was released on Nov. 17, 2017. Its box office take was $102.3 million.

“Wonder” teaches the viewers to choose kindness, even if others think it is wrong. Another theme portrayed is to always be yourself, no matter what others think.

The movie is based on the best selling novel “Wonder.” The book sold over 1 million copies in North America.

The story follows a boy and his family as he goes through his first year of school.

The main character is no ordinary boy. The boy, Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), was born with facial deformities.

According to, Tremblay’s makeup took two hours. There was a neck piece, the main facepiece, a wig, contact lenses and dentures.

He has never been to public school before. HIs life changes when his parents tell him he will be attending fifth grade.

Many students are surprised when Auggie arrives on the first day. They are afraid of him and purposefully avoid him.

Auggie goes through the first day all alone. He walks through the halls and sits at lunch alone.

Many of the kids make fun of him and call him names. They call him Darth Hideous and put rude notes in his locker.

Even through the hard times, Auggie’s family is there for him whenever he needs them. His family is all Auggie has during most of the school year. He leans on them through all of the hard times.

After some time in school, Auggie does make a friend. Jack Will (Noah Jupe) was friends with the bullies before he got to know Auggie. He then realized that what he was doing to Auggie was wrong and decided to become friends with Auggie.

Jack decided to choose kindness, even if that meant losing his other friends. Jack and Auggie become the best of friends, and Jack sticks up for Auggie no matter what.

I broke out into tears many times when watching the movie.”Wonder” teaches the audience to always choose kindness. I recommend this amazing movie.


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