Too ‘cool’ to care?

When one walks into the upperclassman locker bay, he may notice the four first place Hunger Drive banners. However, due to the nearly 10,000 pound decrease in collection this year, we will not be able to add another first place award to our wall. Pleasant Valley raised the most in the Quad Cities with 60,737 pounds and Bettendorf trailed behind with 52,017 pounds. Last year, Bettendorf raised 61,994 pounds.

In addition to our overall Hunger Drive loss, two events, Powderbuff and the MAC dodgeball tournament, were cancelled due to lack of sign ups. These events have brought in revenue for the Hunger Drive in the past and helped us get ahead in the competition for most pounds raised.

“I think student participation is lacking this year mainly because they do not think it is their responsibility to step up and get involved. I wouldn’t say the student population is lazy, they either have participated a lot in the past and thought that was enough, or they have never participated before and don’t see why they should now,” Katie Lent said.

Lent is a three year member of Student Council. This year, she went to every restaurant benefit for the Hunger Drive, paid to watch Powderpuff, organized the first Carpool Karaoke competition, solicited at HyVee, and went around neighborhoods collecting cans and donations.

“I think that there is definitely an attitude around the student body that they are “too cool” to participate in these events, which I’ve noticed has been much more prevalent this year, but the sheer amount of stuff we had going on contributed, as well,” Jordan Bayles said.

This year, some teachers used bribery to get their students to bring in cans. Diana Steiner awarded the class with the most can donations with homemade cookies. Student Council also announced a new competition based on James Corden’s celebrity carpool karaoke. The three teachers who collected the most cans in a week were featured in a YouTube video singing songs in the car and promoting the Panchero’s fundraiser.

“I gave cans to the Hunger Drive because Mrs. Wiley gave us incentives like writing formulas on the board during tests, but I do think students