Growth continues throughout Bettendorf

The City of Bettendorf continues to grow, and with growth comes major change to the community with various projects taking place across the city.

On the city’s southside, one of the major projects in the country is taking place with the construction of the new I-74 bridge and freeway in the downtown. The new freeway will not only make traveling through the Metro easier, but will create growth in the downtown.

Multiple projects are slated to begin downtown with the construction of the freeway, such as the proposed Ascentra Credit Union headquarters between 20th and 21st Street and Grant and State Streets. The city also hopes to create a better recreational environment for biking and walking, as well as shopping.

On the city’s northside another major project is taking place with the construction of BettPlex, a new indoor/outdoor sports and recreation center that will be used for teams locally and teams afar.

However, the sports center isn’t the only thing planned in the area of Middle Road and Forest Grove; with the addition of the sports complex, other major entities are being drawn such as new hotels and an indoor game and entertainment center.

High 5 Lanes & Games will be home to bowling, games, and a restaurant. The entire complex is expected to open in May 2018.

On the northeast portion of Middle Road and Forest Grove is the first addition of Spencer Hollow, a subdivion that will be a part of the future 95-acre Forest Grove Park, a recreational park with a new residential subdivision and Pleasant Valley school.

The subdivision is expected to be built in two stages. The first stage, which is in the process of being filled with new homes, also has a playground, basketball court, and a pavilion for events.


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