A Look Back — 1971: BHS is target of weekend prank

Less than three weeks ago, homecoming dance festivity were temporarily disrupted by an explosion which ripped a home 10-inches in diameter through the ceiling of the gymnasium.

A bomb, apparently made from a pipe-like device, struck the building during intermission when most of the students in attendance were downstairs in the cafeteria having refreshments. Because malicious damage to a building of an institution receiving federal financial assistance made the bombing a federal offense, federal officials were immediately call in to take care of the investigation.

On the following Monday, school officials felt they had no choice but to set off the emergency alarm and evacuate the buildings following a telephone call threatening another bomb. The entire student body and faculty were then instructed to proceed to the bleachers in the football stadium.

Principal Robert Owen addressed the crowd and stated that this alarm wasn't a drill. for there had been an actual phoned-in threat, He went on to state the administration's concern: "There have been threats in the past which have been obviously pranks, therefore ignored," he said. "But in light of the bomb incident the preceding Saturday night and the explosion on the football field Saturday, they felt it necessary to take safety precautions for assurance," he added.

At the conclusion of a nearly one hour search, students were dismissed and asked ti resume their respective classes for the duration of the day.

Since the incident, a federal grand jury in Des Moines indicted three spring graduates of BHS on a total of 15 separate charges stemming from the explosion.


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