Students take Iowa Assessments

Bettendorf students fight back against the clock in order to finish their Iowa Assessments with acceptable scores.

However, are these tests fair? Many students believe the test doesn't show their school’s full potential.

“We shouldn’t judge students on their intelligence by one test. One school may be better at say, biology while another school is better at chemistry. I feel that we can even out the grading by equal amount of questions in a genre. So a balance of chemistry and biology questions,” sophomore class president Mitchell Winterlin, said.

Not only are the questions believed to be one-sided, students also believe that their school shouldn't be held accountable for the students who do not do well.

“I think the ranking is unfair to an extent since there are students who don't try. It docks the school because those students don't care,” Keaton Ruth, sophomore, said.

While many of the students agree that the test is more unfair, there is still a division on the belief of why we take these tests