Last minute costume ideas for Halloween

With Halloween just a week away, many people are scrambling to find a costume. Here are some easy last minute costume ideas that you can create at home.

An ice cream cone: wear brown pants as the cone, and for the top you can wear white with colorful popsicle sticks or cut out pieces of felt glued on to make sprinkles. You could also create the perfect cherry on top by attaching a foam ball that is painted red to a headband to complete the look.

Social media: You can be your favorite social media by drawing or printing the logo onto a matching solid colored t-shirt.

Minnie or Mickey Mouse: For this costume all you would need is a pair of mouse ears and a black and red outfit to go with it. You can make mouse ears yourself by gluing ear-shaped felt onto a headband.

A Deer: This costume is a great idea for those who are interested in face makeup. Using eye shadow and makeup pencils, you can give yourself the nose and spots of a deer. To finish off the look, you can wear a brown top and bottoms and a small tail made out of felt.

Straight from the 1980's: This is a fun costume for those looking for a more colorful look. Grab all of your neon colored clothing and layer it up. Accessories include bulky belts, rubber bracelets, large bows, leg warmers, and big hair.


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