A Look Back: 1971 — Epidemic threatens Bettendorf High School

Do you find yourself being squeezed into the corner of a classroom?

Do you have to stand in the lunch line for 20 minutes before being served?

Do you have to crane your neck to see that groovy new teacher?

Do you hunt for five minutes in the bottom of your locker to find a notebook?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are suffering from smallitosis (commonly referred to as crowditis).

Although this disease is not new, it has never been so acute a problem until now. More and more cases of the disease have appeared at Bettendorf High this year and the problem continues to grow worse. The disease it characterized by crowded conditions, especially in the class rooms, cafeterias, lockers and library.

In all classes enrollment has jumped. There are 486 new freshman this year as comapred with 321 seniors graduated last spring. This year's senior class numbers 333, with 378 juniors and 385 sophomores.

Take notice though! The new high school (currently the present day high school) has actually been started. The new building will rid the Bettendorf system of this pesky disease. Speed the day!


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