Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

If you’re going out with your friends for Halloween, it can be fun to dress up in coordinating group costumes. While many costumes can be found on Pinterest, here are some stand out options for you and your friends:


All you need for this costume is a yellow t-shirt, black leggings, and comfortable shoes. To create the emoji on the tshirt, use markers, iron on sheets, or felt pieces. You can create any emoji of your choice to fit your personality or mood.

Three Blind Mice

For this costume, you’ll need a black outfit, white shoes, white gloves, a cane (or baton to use as a cane), sunglasses, and mice ears. To make the mouse ears, you can use a black headband and cut black felt pieces into rounded ears.


For the last costume, you’ll need a large t-shirt that is the solid base color of your fruit and fabric markers. If your fruit has a stem, you may need paper and a headband. Next, take your t-shirt and draw any seeds or other design your fruit may have. After that you can take construction paper and cut out leaves or a stem to attach to a headband. This costume is unique because there are several different types of fruit you can be.


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