Raccoon found in art room early Thursday morning

Thursday morning, Tim Solbrig entered his classroom ready to start the day, only to find out that a raccoon had gotten in overnight.

Solbrig was at his desk, standing at his computer when he first saw the raccoon walking out of the back room.

“I had to do a double take,” Solbrig said.

Solbrig called the front office, while the raccoon made its way to the ceramics room. The front office also found it hard to believe, and it sent security to the art department.

Within minutes of security arriving, the raccoon walked out the ceramic room doors, into the courtyard, and up a tree. The raccoon got into the classrooms due to a door being left open in the ceramics room.

There was no serious damage other than a few torn sketches drawn by art club; however, Solbrig said that they were not anything that they really needed anyway. The incident lasted less than 10 minutes.


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