Foreign language clubs begin the year

Bettendorf High School offers foreign language clubs to all students, not just ones that are enrolled in a specific language class.

“It’s not at all stressful, it’s fun and a great way to make friends,” Sheila Conrad said.

Conrad has been the advisor of French Club for eight years although French Club has been around longer than that.

French Club is available for anyone who is interested in the French culture, but speaking French isn’t required.

“French Club is made up of a group of people who love to speak French and celebrate the French culture,” Conrad said.

In order to join, all you have to do is show up.

French Club consists of 40 to 50 people; numbers vary because members are not required at every meeting. At a meeting, members can expect snacks, group discussion, activities and activity planning.

Each year French Club participates in different activities, even some that involve the community. Last year French Club had crepe parties, a Chicago trip, movie nights, baguette jousting, French restaurants, games, bonfires and other excursions.

French Club just kicked off last week so events are still in the making. Conrad hopes to do a downtown Davenport French day, French restaurants and baguette jousting.

“It’s super fun, very laid back and you learn a lot,” Conrad said.

Since 1978 Bettendorf High School has offered German Club to its students. The current advisor, Diana Steiner, has been in charge of German Club for five years.

German Club is a student run organization, with the advisor making major decisions. This year German Club is starting over with new student officers because previous officers graduated last year. On average, the club has 15 to 18 members. Attendance at every meeting is not required.

Last year German Club participated in events both involving the school and the community. Homecoming parade, Chicago Christmas Market, Oktoberfest, Easter egg dying and dining at The Bierstube in LeClaire are activities that German Club does every year.

“Plans for this year are still being made, but Homecoming Parade, Chicago Christmas Market and participating in the student exchange program will probably be in the agenda,” Steiner said.

Each meeting has a different purpose varying from planning to playing games. Things to expect at a meeting include, but are not limited to, voting, t-shirt designs, games or planning.

“Come see what we’re all about. It’s a fun thing to do and we all enjoy each other’s company,” Steiner said.

“Spanish Club is made up of a group of people who love the Spanish culture and wish to learn more about the culture than is offered in the classroom,” said Adam Hopkins, advisor of the Spanish Club.

Spanish Club is student driven and has been around for 10 years. Meeting between once a week and once every two weeks, students can expect different things at every meeting.

In the past Spanish Club has watched Spanish movies, Mexican restaurants, shopped at Hispanic stores and done research projects. Plans for this year are more of the same; however, events are more student driven so events could vary.


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