High School Students Have A Recruitment Concert for Elementary Kids

On Thursday, Aug. 31, two musical groups involved at Bettendorf High School performed a variety of songs and styles for elementary students in the district.

The band and orchestra students at the high school prepared a few pieces to grab the attention of their younger audience. The point of the concert was to appeal to the interest of the students and to recruit them for either band or orchestra.

“We did this so that we could show all of them that playing an instrument can be cool and that it may end up being something that they want to continue throughout high school,” Emmersen Haugland said. “I love playing the violin and being a part of orchestra mainly because I have met so many great people.”

Paige Magistrelli said, “They were singing and dancing, and it really made me happy to see how they reacted to the songs we played for them.”

The elementary music teachers will be bringing instruments throughout the schools and encouraging students to sign up soon over the week.


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