The effects of N. Korea's nuclear bomb being dropped in the center of the Metro

In a Metro with nearly half-a-million people,  what would happen if a nuclear bomb similar to the size of N. Korea's were dropped in the center of the Quad Cities?

N. Korea's bombs are estimated to be a 20-to-30 kiloton detonation, nearly twice that of the bomb dropped at Hiroshima.  

According to NUKEMAP, an estimated 8,000 people would be killed with 26,000 receiving injuries.

The yellow in the center represents the maximum size of the nuclear fireball. Depending on the height of detonation, the radioactive fallout would be increased closer to the ground.  

The red represents the air blast radius of 20psi. In this area, almost all building are destroyed and most are killed. 

The green represent the reaction radius. Depending on medical treatment, morality rates are estimated to be between 50 percent and 90%.

The blue represent an air blast radius of 5psi. In this area, most residential building are demolished and injuries and fatalities are widespread. 

The orange represents the thermal radiation radius. In this area, third degree burns extend through multiple skin layers. Some burns may result in disablement or amputations. 

*Detonation altitude: 1640'


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