Music students reflect on their time in high school

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, seniors begin to reflect on their time at Bettendorf High School. Students in both instrumental and vocal music spend their lives at school, learning music and practicing. Bettendorf has a large variety of ensembles, that students can join and find their home at BHS, such as band, orchestra, and choir.

Erin Johnson has been involved in choir, orchestra, and show choir during her four years.

Participating in a variety of ensembles, Johnson loves making music.

She said “Music is a way to express emotions, meet people with common interests, and to have fun.”

After being in music for four years, Johnson is apprehensive about leaving the music program.

She said “I am unsure at this point whether or not I want to keep music in my college life because it has been a part of my high school experience so it may be hard to part with.”