Job opportunities for the summer months

With summer quickly approaching, many high school students are looking for some way to make money during the summer. There are many jobs available around the Quad Cities for students during the summer. Here are some ways to make some extra spending money.

With the warm weather during the summer, lifeguards and pool concession stand workers are needed every day. Many families enjoy spending hot days at a variety of pools, such as Splash Landing and Whitewater Junction. To be a lifeguard, you must be a strong swimmer and complete certification courses. Being a lifeguard allows you to spend a majority of your time outside in the sun instead of being stuck inside.

Bettendorf Parks and Recreation and Camp Shalom always need camp counselors during the summer. Bettendorf Parks and Recreation offers a day camp for children ages 5-12, while Camp Shalom offers multiple camps for children and teens of all ages. A camp counselor will work longer days throughout the summer and not have as much flexibility with hours.

Many parents around the Quad Cities have to go to work every day in the summer, but have young children that need a nanny. To be a good nanny, you must enjoy working and playing with children. Many parents prefer someone who has a driver's license and a car so that you can take their kids to different places, such as the pool or the Family Museum. As a nanny, you will work a lot of hours and probably have a less flexible schedule.

If you want a job that has flexible hours, try mowing lawns and doing yard work for various people around your community. Many adults work every day and do not have the time to mow their own yard. These people are willing to pay someone to mow for them so that they can relax when they get home from work. In addition, many families need someone to walk their dog or dog sit for them when they go out of town. In order to be a dog walker or dog sitter, you must like animals and enjoy playing with them. A dog walker may have a more set schedule while being a dog sitter will depend on when the family leaves town.

Although tutoring is a popular job during the school year, many kids need tutoring during the summer, too. Some parents do not want their child to forget what he learned that year, so they are willing to hire a tutor to work with their child a few times each month. Being a tutor will allow you to have a flexible schedule and a lot of off time since the child does not need to be tutored every day.

Golf clubs and country clubs, such as Palmer Hills Golf Course, Davenport Country Club, and Crow Valley Golf Club, are always looking to hire students for the summer. One benefit of working at a country club or golf course is that there are a variety of jobs to apply for. You can be a lifeguard, work on the course as a bag boy, work in the pro shop, or work in the restaurant. The number of hours and how much you will make depends on which country club or golf course you apply to.


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