Staying stylish for prom while saving money

Some think of prom as a “night to remember,” but it can be expensive. Here are some ways that can help you easily save money while still looking great at prom.

One way to save money on your hair and makeup is to book appointments at a local cosmetology school such as Capri College in Davenport. Typically, professional instructors will oversee the appointment and make sure everything goes well. If you want to save even more money, ask a friend or family member if she can do your hair and makeup. This could potentially save you about $50.

Try borrowing a dress, jewelry, or other accessories from a friend. A lot of older students still have their dress and other accessories from their prom, and many are happy to lend them out. For guys, renting a tux can save you a lot of money. Some places rent a complete tux set for as low as $100. Buying a tux can cost you up to $600.

To save money on a dress for prom, shop early. The earlier you shop, the cheaper the dresses will be. Try shopping during the winter months. Also, shop for shoes or accessories that you can wear again in the future.

Instead of going to the nail salon and getting both a pedicure and manicure, have a friend or family member paint your nails. A bottle of nail polish only costs a couple of dollars while going to a nail salon may cost you $50. You can also buy nail stickers if you want a design for your nails.

Limos can be very expensive, so split the price between everyone in your group. You will still arrive to the dance in fashion, but you will save a lot of money. If you want to save even more money, drive with friends to the dance. This way, all you have to pay for is gas.

Many people get a spray tan or tan in a bed the week before prom. This can cost up to $60 while a bottle of tanning lotion only costs about $10. Tanning lotion works just as well, and a whole bottle may be cheaper than one session in a tanning bed.


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