A different sport: Trapshooting

Every Tuesday and Saturday in the spring, members of the trap team compete for gold. Trap, the oldest shooting sport in the United States, involves a machine called a trap, which is where the name of the sport comes from. The trap throws clay targets in the air, and the shooter attempts to hit the target.

Senior Tayler Andersen has been participating in trapshooting since her freshmen year.

“My favorite part about trap is all the different events you can shoot in. Also, the people I have met during my trap career are amazing,” said Andersen.

Trapshooting demands good hand-eye coordination. Without hand-eye coordination, hitting the clay targets would be impossible. Having good balance also is a big part of shooting due to the back kick of the gun being so strong.

Although trapshooting does not define large muscle areas, defining of the fine motor skill is done while shooting. Trapshooting can be done for a lifetime.

The shooter with the highest score of the competition wins. Point are earned during rounds. Each round has a certain amount of clay birds to shoot and the number shot is the number of points earned. Normally, there are two rounds of 25. At state, the highest score is a 200.

State competition is June 7-11.


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