District revokes 2017-18 district calendar, approves new version

The school board revoked the previously approved calendar at a March 6 meeting, issuing a new calendar for the 2017-18 school year.

The original calendar added a week-long fall break to the school year, similar to that of Neil Armstrong’s two weeks off for fall break each year.

However, the break pushed back the beginning and end of each quarter, cutting down on time for spring semester AP classes.

An Iowa state law was signed into effect in 2015 preventing schools from starting the school year before Aug. 23.

The law cut down on lesson times for AP classes in the spring as the second semester doesn’t start until nearly two weeks after winter break. AP tests take place in early May, just as they did before the state law, cutting down teaching time by nearly two weeks.

The previously approved calendar would have narrowed down lesson time even more.

“When you’re scraping for time--every day counts, every minute counts; especially in AP in the spring, and so that particular calendar with the fall break would’ve subtracted another five days,” Kelly Ager told Andrew Ball and Lily Broyles on New Day in March.

Many parents and staff throughout the community protested the approved calendar, which was later revoked.

In the newly approved calendar, the fall break was shortened to a long weekend and early dismissals will take place every Wednesday at 2:10.


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