Circa '21's 'The Music Man' marches home to river city

On March 15 Circa 21 opened “The Music Man.” “The Music Man” follows professor Harold Hill who poses as a boys band organizer. But he really is a con man only seeking to trick the people of this small Iowa town, River City, into giving him money and then skip town to never be heard from again.

To start off his villainy he convinces the parents of River City that the pool table that just arrived will cause a lot of trouble. The librarian, Marian, the only person who knows how to teach music, sees through Hill’s vile scheme. Hill follows her home in hopes of flirting with her but she ignores him and doesn't want a thing to do with him.

At home, Marian helps a little girl with her piano lessons while arguing with her mother about high standards when men are concerned and telling her about the man who followed her home. When Marian’s self-conscious, lisping 10-year-old brother Winthrop arrives home, he has been getting teased and bullied but shortly after he meets Harold Hill, who helps him overcome his fear and being less shy. When Marian sees that Hill helps Winthrop, she begins to have a change of heart for him.

As the townspeople of River city keep trying to find out who Harold Hill really is, the band instruments and uniforms have finally arrived. As the story unfolds Hill has not only brought together a boys band which ultimately learns how to play together, but also brings together the townspeople, and maybe finds a little love along the way.

The show’s main characters Marian and Harold Hill are played by Don Denton and Paige Salter, who not only have chemistry on stage but also are planning on getting married in September. This is the couple’s first show in which they are opposite each other in a romantic way. Recently they performed together in “Ghost the Musical.” They share the same passions. At one point during the show Salter says she that their real-life romance takes over the stage. When she sings songs directly to Don, you can just feel their love in show just come to life.

Everytime I hear this musical, it warms my heart. When a con man turns a town around and helps them grow and then falls in love with a local and seeing their story unfold just makes my whole day. Also knowing that real love has blossomed between the two main characters outside of the show makes the show worth it to watch. I recommend this show to everyone.


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