Honey, this is important

Customers may have noticed a familiar face, Buzz, gone from one of the top ten cereals, Cheerios. The cereal company decided to take off Buzz and replace him with a white silhouette. The cereal’s disappearance of the mascot is to push the point of the bee population decreasing. General Mills announced a movement called #BringBacktheBees.

According to Fox News, during 2014-2016, the bee population went down by 44 percent. Beekeepers say the population was declining mysteriously, but there are many different reasons why the bee population has gone down. Certain farmers choose to use a pesticide that cause bees to live shorter. Another reason why bees are dying is due to climate change around the world.

Without bees, many products that are on the market will be missing. Both Cheerios and Burt's Bees have a high need for bees because honey is one of the main ingredients in their products. If the bees become extinct, there would be no more honey. The lack of bees being able to pollinate would mean humans would have to hand pollinate. Bees would also not be able to pollinate other plants, like vegetables and fruits. With having the bees pollinate plants, livestock would not have a natural food resource.

To help grow the bee population, plant plants that bees tend to favor, discontinue using pesticides that are harmful to bees on farms and in yards, and allowing weeds to grow in yards. Cheerios shipped 100 million seeds so that customers could plant wildflowers for bees to pollinate. If protecting the bee population is serious for you, with the proper time and area, you can become a beekeeper which will grow population of bees.


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