With a new year and warmer weather come new fashion trends


One of the new trends or should I say returning trend from the ‘70s is the sky high platform shoes, now called block heels. I like these new platform heels; they are cute and will look good with a mid length dress or jeans and a nice flowy shirt. They are also good for a stand out look especially with the vibrant color of the heels. These shoes may be high but they are easy to walk in with block heel and the ankle straps.


Another new trend is being head to toe in florals. This look isn’t the best. Being head to toe in anything is hard to pull off without looking like a marker or like you wrapped yourself up in your grandma's curtains and called it a dress. I believe this look would be better if you were to throw in some solid colors to make it pop and just have one focal point.


Then, there are the mom jeans. I like this look because it’s clean, a vintage look depending on what you wear with them. You can wear jeans with almost anything, and it will look good, so it will be easy to make cute outfits with the mom jeans.

VOGUE.COM Next, are statement t-shirts. I like them because you can say what you’re feeling on a shirt and not have to express yourself verbally. They are also good shirts because you can wear them with anything, and still look casual.


Another trend is stripes. I love stripes especially bright colored ones and many of them. But I don’t like being head to toe in stripes; it looks like an illusion and messes with your eyes. If you are going to do head to toe in stripe, it needs to be in a darker color or all the stripes going the same direction.


Lastly, with the warm weather coming comes the swimsuits. I like the colors of the swimsuits and how they cover all the parts that need to be covered. I don’t like how there open spaces that could leave weird shape tan lines.


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