Family Museum Dance prepares for spring production

Family Museum dancers are currently preparing for their spring production. Students who take one or more dance classes at the Family Museum will be in this production and get to experience being a part of the theatrical show.

Family Museum Dance is an education based studio and does not take part in dance competitions. Instead, the studio focuses on a technical foundation, creativity, and self expression. Along with the studio, Family Museum Dance also has a company called the Family Museum Dance Company, also known as FMDC, that performs four times a year.

“After joining FMDC, I feel like I'm truly a part of a family; we are all so close and supportive of each other. We have grown as dancers and as people alongside one another, which forms such a powerful and understanding friendship. Coming to the studio every day knowing that I'm in such a supportive environment is what has inspired me to continue dancing,” said Jordan Bayles, company member.

Bayles has been dancing at the Family Museum for seven years and has been a part of the company for six years. She takes ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and modern. Along with her dance classes, she also volunteers with a beginner-level hip hop class.

One of the most unique things about Family Museum Dance is the story-based theatrical productions it produces every spring. This year, the studio will be showing “Mama had a Dancing Heart” for the younger students, the classical ballet “Coppelia” and featuring its tap, jazz, hip hop, and modern dancers in the story of “Alice in Wonderland.”

Bettendorf students Bayles, Ashley Bodkin, Emily Kidwell, and Nicki Blaum have been a part of Family Museum Dance for many years and will be featured in this upcoming production. Bayles will be performing as the Cheshire Cat, Bodkin will be performing as the White Rabbit, and Blaum will be performing as Alice in “Alice in Wonderland.” Kidwell will be performing as “Mama” in the show “Mama had a Dancing Heart.”

“I love everything about the spring production. It's so much fun learning our dances in class, and the production itself is one of my favorite times of the whole dance year,” Bodkin said.

Bodkin has been dancing at the Family Museum for 10 years and has been a part of the company for five years. She takes many classes at the museum such as ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop. Along with her dance classes, she also volunteers with a beginner-level ballet class.

“We really put [literal] blood, sweat, and tears into this show. Plus, watching a story-based show is so interesting, because there's something to follow and real emotion behind the dancing. You can understand the choreography more because there's a reason behind it,” Bayles said.

The spring production will be performed at St. Ambrose in the Galvin Fine Arts Center on Saturday, June 3, at 2 p.m.


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