How to cure senioritis

For seniors, the last stretch of senior year is the hardest part of one’s high school career. Each senior is deciding what his or her plans for after high school will look like, rather than worrying about current school work. This is called “Senioritis.” Senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

With many regrets of not graduating early, seniors are trying their best to push through the year. Some seniors try to take “blow-off” classes, while other students are not. Senior Isabelle Kussatz is currently taking AP Physics II, AP European History, and AP Biology.

“Most of the time I don't really want to go to class, but I go so that I can graduate,” Kussatz said.

As graduation is creeping closer each day, seniors are losing motivation just as quickly. Seniors are quick to say “it is okay if I just skip one class a week,” which turns into “it is okay if I skip the whole day just once a week,” which turns into “I'm already accepted into college, so does it really matter?”

Thankfully there are ways to help with senioritis. As of second semester, seniors have less than five months until graduation. Senior Donato Callahan is taking AP French, Choir/Gym, and AP Biology.

“For senioritis, I like to think about how this could be my last adventures with the people around me, and I don't want grades to affect my fun times with great friends! So, I study hard to be able to enjoy my time with those around me,” Callahan said.

Creating a list for each day will increase motivation for the day. Senior Courtney McClaine makes a list at the beginning of each day to make sure she is on track.

“Sometimes I finish most of them and sometimes none. But it helps me get out bed,” said McClaine.

Senioritis can be avoided. Being involved in sports or a club at school will give motivation because if class is unexcused, participating in after school activities is not allowed.

“One way to power through senioritis is to be involved in something like a sport or club you really want to participate in,” senior Kayla Vance said.

Another tip is to start a countdown calendar. Creating a fun calendar that can help count down the days to the big day will help with senioritis. An idea for a countdown calendar could be a bubble wrap sheet with numbers on each bubble. One bubble can be popped each day, counting down to graduation.

The last tip is to always remember that in just a few months, graduation will be here, and high school will not be an issue anymore. For now, seniors can keep focused on enjoying the last experiences they have with their classmates.


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