A touch of class


The fashion industry thrives on crafting new, innovative items to create trends. Currently, the top trends include crop tops, casual dresses, and holographic details. For jewelry, chokers and statement pieces are a no-brainer for trendy fashion. While many prefer to follow the crowd, some choose to take a different route. Vintage fashion is eclectic and includes a variety of styles, while still maintaining a sense of class.

While some choose to wear entirely vintage clothing and jewelry, Emma Vincent, a senior at BHS, is known for her integration of vintage and trendy fashion.

“I think vintage pieces are more artistic and original than modern jewelry pieces. Chances are, no one is going to have the same piece of jewelry, and I think that's pretty cool,” Vincent said.

Old-fashioned pieces, like lockets and brooches, can be either delicate or bold. Collectors of antiques tend to appreciate the care of the craftsmen and artisans that created the beautiful pieces they own.

“Vintage pieces are either dainty and simple or large and different. It depends on which era the piece comes from. Decide which era your taste falls under and then go from there,” Vincent said.

In the modern fashion industry, jewelry is made of cheap metals or plastic and crafted in bulk using machines in factories. Vintage jewelry is typically handmade and designed with detail by professional jewelers.

When purchasing vintage jewelry, many choose to shop online. Retailers like Etsy and eBay specialize in directly selling pieces from dealer to consumer. While some prefer the ease of online shopping, another option is to buy from vintage stores or antique dealers.

“My grandma deals antiques and antique jewelry so she got me interested at a young age,” Vincent said.

There are many antique stores in the Quad Cities. Some popular stores include Vintage Rose Jewelry, Fred and Ethel’s 50’s Antiques, and Dar-Jac Antiques and Jewelry. One of the stars of the History Channel show “American Pickers,” Mike Wolfe, has an antique store in LeClaire called Antique Archaeology.

“Vintage jewelry takes some confidence to wear, but it's so worth it, and it sets your style apart from everyone else,” Vincent said.


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