Dear Damaris: Prom Date Problem

Dear Damaris,

I am having trouble finding a prom date. I know prom is still a while away, yet I am still freaking out. I feel as if every prom date option has disappeared, and I have no one left to be my date. Help?


Prom Date Problem

Dear Prom Date Problem,

I know you mentioned this already, but prom is still far away! You have plenty of time to find a date. If your friends already have dates ask them for your help! Go with a mutual friend from our school or another school. Don’t be afraid to go with someone you have never met before--you have your friends by your side to make sure the night is fun! If all else fails: Go to prom without a date. There is nothing wrong with you going to prom solo! You don’t have to miss out on the fun because you don’t have a date.




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