Student Spotlight: Josh Turner

Josh Turner is a well rounded and involved student who has been in the Bettendorf district since kindergarten. He keeps himself very busy, getting involved in show choir, choir, theatre, orchestra, and scholastic bowl throughout his high school career.

“I joined show choir and theatre this year because many of my friends were involved, and I knew it would be a great time. More importantly, performing is an experience like no other and expressing yourself on stage is an incredible feeling,” Turner said.

One of the most memorable moments for Turner this year was being cast as Mr. Sycamore in the fall play and he learned valuable lessons from this experience.

“My proudest moment was being cast in ‘You Can’t Take it with You,’ especially since it was my first audition ever. Seeing my name alongside amazing actors and actresses on that list made me learn not to sell myself short,” Turner said.

Turner is continuing his theatre career in the spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast,” as a member of the ensemble.

Turner shows more of his musicality outside of school. He plays guitar, ukulele, and takes piano lessons.

“My guitar and ukulele are my most prized possessions because they provide an easy and fun way to express myself, but my Shrek slippers come in a close second because they are so comfortable,” Turner said.

Turner takes French for his foreign language and is currently in AP French, the top level at the high school.

“I love learning about other cultures, and learning a foreign language helps in so many other areas of life,” Turner said.

Turner is also an avid Twitter user, known for retweeting great memes and pictures of Shrek.

“Twitter is my favorite social media because it’s the only one I use regularly and it’s funny. Also my love for Shrek can’t be put into words; it’s indescribable,” Turner said.

After high school, Turner’s dream job would be a video game developer or software engineer.

“Once show choir and the musical are over, I’ll go back to doing more computer programming in my free time,” Turner said.

Turner’s friends and family support his many endeavors and inspire him to work hard.

“I look up to my brother for his endless drive and desire for success. He inspires me to be a better person,” Turner said.


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