Titanic or Olympic?

Rose and Jack, a famous couple who fell in love in “Titanic” the movie, may have been portrayed on the wrong ship. The Olympic was a ship that was built one year before the Titanic in 1910.

Olympic had two collisions which were serious. The worst collision was with the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Hawke, which was off the coast of the Isle of Wight. The collision caused serious damage to the Olympic’s keel and steel beam structure. Damage to the Olympic was expensive, money that the White Star Line and the owner JP Morgan did not have. The damage was “written off” so that the ship would sail again. The conspiracy theory is that the two boats would be swapped and the Olympic, disguised as the Titanic, would be sunk.

The ships had minor differences making the switch easy by switching the nameplates of the ships. The Olympic had 16 portholes while the Titanic had 14. Before the “Titanic” left the dock, it had 14 portholes, but when the ship left, it had 16. Another difference is how the windows on each ship were spaced. The windows on the Olympic were not spaced out evenly, while the Titanic's were spaced better. Yet again, when the Titanic left for the trip, the windows were unevenly placed, just as the Olympic’s windows.

Throughout the crew, there were rumors that backed up the conspiracy. The rumor of the ship being sunk steered crew members from wanting to work on the ship. The ship was only half full when it left the dock.

Many cancellations occurred right before the ship left for its trip. One person was JP Morgan who said he could not make it because he was sick, but he was in France, perfectly healthy.

Another ship, the SS Californian, planned to sail around the Titanic. Surprisingly, the SS Californian did not carry any passengers, only blankets and items for survivors. The plan was for the SS Californian to stop near where the Titanic would sink so that the survivors could be saved. One survivor, Edith Russell, was told that the SS Californian was on the way to get the survivors. Unfortunately, the SS Californian did not arrive in the correct place so the ship arrived late, causing the loss of some survivors.

Junior Zach Weis said, “I don't think that's true because I don't get why they would send out a ship with people just to sink it. If they were just going to sink it, I feel that they would only have a few people on the ship when they take it out to sink it, then get on another boat so they all can live.”

“I personally was unaware of these conspiracy theories as a whole, but if I were to believe in any of them, it would be that the SS Californian was sent with extra supplies to help the remaining survivors. This makes sense in a way because if the “Titanic” or Olympic I should say, was purposely sunk, then the people responsible for that would need a cover story. Therefore, sending another ship to try and aid the victims that needed help, makes it seem like less of an unforgivable act to switch the ships and risk everyone on board's lives,” freshman Rachel Anderson said.

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Want to find out more? Read more at the Unredacted.


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