Furry friends help make family

Juniors Leticia Francisco and Ashley Bodkin experience the joys of owning a pet every day. Francisco has a 10-year-old toy poodle named Cookie, and Bodkin has 9-month-old cats named Sunny and Shadow.

Francisco got her puppy as a gift in 2007. Ever since they have been best friends. Francisco describes Cookie as a fun, yet very loving pet.

“My parents told my sister and I that we were going on a road trip, but my sister and I had no idea where. We arrived at a house, and there were puppies everywhere. My parents told my sister and me to pick one, and out of the blue a puppy ran around the house and jumped on us, and he was the craziest one there. In that moment, my sister and I knew he was the one, and we took him home with us, and I named him Cookie,” Francisco said.

Bodkin received Sunny and Shaddow as a gift over the summer in 2016. Sunny is a curious cat who always has his eyes on things. He often follows Bodkin around at home, and he is well behaved.

“My favorite memory of Sunny was when we discovered how much he loves playing with Nerf guns. He is not scared of them at all, he can chase those little foam darts for hours,” Bodkin said.

If you’re interested in adopting a furry friend, check out Scott County Humane Society, Teskes, or any local animal shelter.


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