“The Office” provides entertainment, humor

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Are you looking for a show to binge watch for hours on end? Consider the dry-humored comedy “The Office”.

Set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, “The Office” is about day-to-day life at paper supply company. The clueless and unpredictable regional manager Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) is quite a character. His long-held position as manager is ironic considering his general lack of common sense: for example, in one episode, Michael drives into a lake trying to follow the directions on his GPS “because [the GPS] knows where it is going.”

The other characters are interesting and diverse, featuring an uptight, religious cat-loving vegetarian, an old, creepy man who doesn’t know the names of his co-workers, and an eager egomaniac that happens to run a beet farm on the side.

“The Office” is sure to pull at your heartstrings from time to time. If you have heard the phrase “Jim and Pam are relationship goals!”, you may have wondered, why? The rocky relationship between the two is introduced in the first episode, where it becomes clear that sales associate Jim (John Krasinski) has a crush on the receptionist Pam (Jenna Fischer), who already happens to be engaged with another co-worker. However, she eventually realizes she is supposed to be with Jim. Such chemistry develops between Krasinski and Fischer on-screen that you would be surprised to know that it was all for the camera.

Additionally, one of my favorite aspects of “The Office” is that the episodes were often written by actors of the show.

Actor/co-author B.J. Novak said in an interview on “The Ellen Show” that “it was fun to have input on your character instead of always wonder what the writer is going to come up with.”

He portrays the extremely dynamic character of Ryan Howard, who fills multiple different roles throughout the series.

Not only is the show fantastic, but since it runs for nine seasons, there is plenty to enjoy. If you are interested, or you just want in on the internet memes, check it out on Netflix.


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