Real life gurus

Scrolling through Instagram, beautiful photos of full faces of makeup are everywhere. As the makeup world is becoming more popular, makeup gurus are proud to show off their skills and favorite products.

“My signature makeup look is a cute, maroon eye with glitter in the corner and a contoured face. I love it! Another is a basic look of a soft brown smokey eye,” sophomore Niyah Bea said.

The main question when buying makeup is where products should be bought There are many different stores to buy makeup, but the main stores are Ulta and Sephora.

“I really like Ulta because there are both high end and drugstore products, unlike Sephora,” junior Kassidy Holdridge said.

Online companies that are popular are Morphe, Makeup Geek at, and Colourpop. The craze on Morphe is eyeshadow palettes. The best selling palettes are the 35O and 35OS; both palettes cost $22.99. Both have 35 warm colors; the 35O is matte while 35OS has a mix of shimmer and matte colors. On Makeup Geek, there are multiple tutorials for every day, holiday, and special occasions. Makeup Geek also offers different products; their Kathleen Lights Highlight palette is $39. Colourpop is known to have dupes of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. Thei