Jazz bands prepare for season

As the jazz season begins, performers rehearse for their first jazz competition, Iowa High School Music Association (IHSMA) State Jazz Festival. Jazz 1 is performing at Washington High School.

Freshman Abbey Van Middlesworth is participating in her first year of high school jazz band.

“I love playing my instrument. That is probably my main reason. It allows me to escape to another world that is different than the music in concert band. My favorite part of being in jazz band is probably spending more time with my section. I love my section, and you only have so much time with them, especially your upperclassmen.,” Van Middlesworth said.

Jazz band allows students to get more involved in the music department. Jazz is swing music, which means the music is off beat unlike concert band music. Students enjoy playing swing music more than concert music. Jazz music also involves different instruments, like the bass, piano, drums, and guitar, that still play along with the wind instruments.

“We are playing ‘Blues at the Gate’ and ‘Bossa for Valerie’. My favorite piece is ‘Bossa for Valerie’ because it has a good beat a little different than classic jazz music that I play on the drum set,” freshman Abby Behrends said.

To prepare for performances, both jazz bands have rehearsal outside of school. Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 rehearse once a week before or after school. When performances begin to get closer, rehearsals will vary.

“I'd recommend to anyone to listen jazz music even though it may not seem very appealing at first,” senior Levin Leesemann said.

Jazz performances will be performing Jan. 28, Feb. 17, and March 4.


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