Essential oils for everyday use

Young Living

Essential oils are perfect for an all natural treatment for many different causes such as headaches, anxiety, acne, wrinkles, allergies, cramps and more. There are many different brands for essential oils, but I am going to focus on the brand called Young Living.


Panaway is an oil to help soothe muscles after a workout or for everyday headaches and pain. I put it on the base of my neck when I start to get a headache, and I start to feel a difference in minutes. I also use Panaway along with Lavender and Peppermint in a diffuser. All of the oils alone have a component to soothe headaches along with other muscles, and together they work well and smell amazing. I use eight drops of each of these oils mixed with water in a diffuser.

Acne and wrinkles:

If you are struggling with a breakout or want to prevent wrinkles, Frankincense is your oil to use. Frankincense helps revitalize skin and prevent future breakouts. When I use Frankincense, I only use it once a week to prevent an adverse reaction, but there are people who use Frankincense every day with positive results.

Sleep issues:

Lavender and Peace & Calming are oils that promote sleep and rest in a natural way. Use one of these oils in a diffuser before going to bed, but I do not recommend combining them in a diffuser. Then apply Peace & Calming to the feet and Lavender to the wrists before bed.

Anxiety and stress:

There are many oils that are supposed to help with anxiety and stress, but my favorites include Lime, Vanilla, Lavender and Stress Away. Along with being able to use them in a diffuser, they can be applied directly to your skin. You can apply the oils to your wrists, right under your nose, temples, neck and more.


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