Bettendorf show choirs prep for the Big Dance

While many students will be attending the Turnabout dance this Saturday, show choir students will be doing a different kind of dancing. Surround Sound and its prep group, Audio Intensity, will perform at their first competition of the season this weekend.

Preparing for a show of this magnitude takes months to put together.

“We practice four to five hours a week before competition season, but during competition season it can get up to seven hours,” Surround Sound junior Kailey Baxter said.

Performers face multiple challenges going into the weekend.

“The hardest part is finding notes on stage while standing away from people with your part,” said Audio Intensity freshman Veronika Larson.

Veronika’s sister, Ceara, is a member of the band.

“Although fun to play, the music is very syncopated, which means a lot of odd rhythms. It’s also in my upper register, which makes it difficult,” Ceara said.

Just like any challenge, though, show choir has its fair share of fun.

“I am most excited to just be on stage, perform with that adrenaline rush, and have fun,” Baxter said.

Many people think of singing and dancing when they think of show choir, but so much more has to happen to make the shows a success. Instructors, a band, and a crew all contribute.

Surround Sound Senior, Katie Byrne, appreciates what the crew and band do for the singers.

“Singing and dancing with a live band rather than a track gives us a huge energy boost during the performance. Our crew is awesome too, organizing the costumes and just making everything run smoothly. Surround Sound definitely wouldn’t happen without band and crew,” Byrne said.

Surround Sound and Audio Intensity are instructed by Scott Bosco, Andrea Cooper, and Jordan Mclaughlin, but have enlisted more help as the season goes on.

“We invited several guest directors to come and give us feedback on how to improve,” Baxter said.

The Big Dance, hosted by Davenport North High School, is scheduled to last from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to fit in all 13 performing groups. Audio Intensity performs at 9 a.m. and Surround Sound performs at 1:30 p.m. If either group makes it to the finals, they could perform a second time as late as 9:30 p.m.


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