Students travel to capitol to advocate for the arts

Wednesday, Jan. 26, five Bettendorf High School Students traveled to Des Moines for “Arts Advocacy Day.” Kailey Baxter, Laurel Braaten, Ali Girsch, Grant Mougin, and Jack Obert got the opportunity to talk to legislators about the importance of arts in schools.

Grant Mougin, a senior, has been involved in drama for four years and enjoyed being able to help make a difference for something he is passionate about.

“I found the trip to be enlightening. I never knew you could go to the capitol and talk one on one with senators about issues that you care about,” Mougin said.

Junior Kailey Baxter plans on going to college for something in the political field. This trip not only helped her speak out about something she cares about, but gained insight on what she hopes to do in the future.

“I feel like I made a difference and helped the arts because when I began to present my ideas to legislators about how important the fine arts are to me and to students all over Iowa, some of them did not agree with me. By the end of my presentation, I believe I gained their full support and made a difference that will help fine arts programs in the future,” Baxter said.

Each year, students at Bettendorf and other local schools travel to Des Moines on this day to help make a difference.

Jack Obert said, “It was a really cool experience. It was fun to be able to have an impact on political decisions.”

If you want to learn more about “Arts Advocacy Day,” talk to Mrs. Howard or students who attended.


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