Circa ‘21’s “Ghost: the Musical” makes believing in forever a reality

On Jan. 11 Circa ‘21 opened “Ghost the Musical.” This dramatic love story makes you believe in love, believe in fate, and believe in forever. The musical starts when Sam, a banker, and his long term girlfriend, Molly, a sculptor, move into their new apartment in Brooklyn. Their relationship seems a bit too perfect, but even though they are very much in love, Sam shies away from the word “love.”

At work Sam and his best friend Carl are working on finding how they ended up with extra money in some of the accounts. When the day fades into night Sam tells Carl that that he forgot he had a date with Molly. They hadn’t finished working yet but Carl says he will stay and figure it out so he can attend his date with Molly.

After a long day at work Sam and Molly go to a gallery opening where Molly has three pieces on showcase. When the gallery finally closes, Sam takes Molly out for dinner and on their way home, a man comes out of the shadows and pulls a gun on Sam and Molly Sam tries to fight off the mysterious man but ends up getting shot and dies in Molly's arms.

Instead of Sam moving on, he becomes a ghost, and he stays behind to watch over Molly. He tries to reach out to Molly, but he struggles because he can't talk to her. So as Sam is wandering through Brooklyn seeking someone who can help him, he stumbles upon a psychic named Oda Mae Brown, who seems to be a fraud but somehow ends up hearing Sam who convinces her to speak to Molly on his behalf by singing “10,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” obnoxiously.

In the meantime Molly grieves, but she finally gets a visit from Oda Mae who tries to convince her that Sam's death was a murder. At first Molly is hesitant to believe but when Oda starts saying things only Sam would know she does believe and says she needs to go to the police, but Oda freaks and storms out from the thought of the police.

In the midst of trying to figure out all of the information she just got from Oda, she calls Carl to explain. Carl thinks her story is a fake but promises to help. But Molly is still hurt by the loss; she breaks down, and Carl kisses her. Sam is so upset by this that he screams and throws a picture frame across the room, startling both Carl and Molly.